Ways Campus Judicial Offices Can...

1. Include educational sanctions and community service in your judicial process. Include campus NCAAW events as opportunities for learning.

2. Give students real world information.
What would happen to them if they were cited in the community for underage drinking, public intoxication, destruction of property, physical violence, etc.?

3. Do a display that talks about community fine amounts and then what students could purchase instead of paying fines....i.e. 30 compact disks, 60 pizzas, books for the year, 70 trips to the movies, etc.

4. Have students write articles suitable for publication in the student newspaper on various student health and campus policy issues.

5. Have students who have been sanctioned assist RAs in the residence halls and learn what it’s like to promote a positive living community.

6. Work with the local judge to have students put in hours at the local community courts when alcohol-related cases are being heard.

7. Have students volunteer in a community service agency that focuses on addiction recovery.

8. Have the current peer education group on campus teach a sanction class on alcohol poisoning, sexual assault, violence, etc.

9. Organize a “mock trial” which focuses on alcohol abuse-related issues, i.e. DUI, alcohol poisoning, assault. etc.