Ways Residence Life Staffs Can Be Involved...

1. Have your own “Cannes Film Festival”. Incorporate some films that address issues surrounding alcohol abuse or personal safety in the area lounge.

2. Conduct a progressive party with each hall responsible for a different food/beverage/dessert and then have people make the rounds from one hall to the other.

3. Invite one of the campus counsellors/members of the health center to be the guest for the night. Have them give a presentation that evening but then hang out with students.

4. Have a mocktail contest.

5. Do something to get in shape every day, a fun run on Monday, swimming on Tuesday, aerobics or weight training on Wednesday, etc.

6. Perform peer theatre or skits on educational topics such as alcohol poisoning or sexual assault, followed by a discussion.

7. Have your own talk show one night in the lounge, using your own version of Oprah to start a discussion on relationships.

8. Do your own version of ‘the life experience wall’ where you ask people to write down on index cards how the abuse of alcohol or other drugs has affected their life. These cards then make up the “bricks of the wall.”

9. Hand out laminated “saving a life from alcohol poisoning” cards to each resident.