Things Campus Police and Public Safety Can Do for NCAAW...

1. Host a luncheon for all residence life folks explaining your role in the prevention process, and form a partnership.

2. Invite members of the community to form a campus safe walk program which provides escorts at night.

3. If acceptable under campus policy, conduct a “controlled drinking experiment’ where students of age are given alcohol in a supervised setting. Have these students conduct simple tasks such as writing their name, walking a straight line, etc. The point of the program should be you don’t have to drink a lot to be impaired. (off-duty police officers may be substituted for students) Supervise the program until the “drinking volunteers” are sober.

4. Conduct a “mock DUI crash” which involves staging an accident on campus, local EMT and police and fire rescue professionals.

5. Try to get a local cab company to offer a discounted price to anyone with a student ID in order to discourage impaired driving.

6. Find out if any members of your public safety crew have any interesting educational experiences or interests that could become a campus program This may include workplace drug testing or Drug Enforcement Agency work etc.

7. Do a program about the legal and financial costs of getting a DUI. Take the total costs of that arrest and do a “what you could have gotten instead of a DUI” campaign including, new stereo, computer, spring break in Cancun etc.