Things Health Education, Health Center & Counseling Centers Can Do...

1. Host a meeting of student organizations and peer educators to get input for each groupís participation in the week.

2. Create fact sheets or offer to provide information for student groups, newspapers, and radio PSAís for campus events.

3. Add alcohol and other drug questions to your health centerís medical history questionnaires if they do not already appear.

4. Curriculum Infusion
Contact Journalism and English classes to write articles about the impact of alcohol on their lives. Work with the student newspaper to feature some of these articles in the paper during that week. Ask marketing and advertising classes to develop campaigns for healthy choices to be featured in the newspaper. Be creative and get as many departments on campus to participate as possible.

5. Work with community outreach or service learning on your campus to give students an opportunity to work in area halfway houses for recovering addicts.

6. Invite recovering alumni back to campus as speakers for groups in which they were involved such as athletic teams, fraternities and sororities, student government, etc.

7. Set up a health fair to coincide with the week. Offer local and campus resources that focus on healthy lifestyles.

8. Provide an in-service for faculty and staff on how to address students suspected of having alcohol and other drug problems.