Making sure your seeds get sunshine...

Your marketing plan is your map to how, when and where you are going to let the campus community know about your NCAAW programs. It’s crucial to inform your potential audience about activities as far in advance as possible. You will want to bombard them with information concerning NCAAW, and you’ll have to make your programs seem fun, interesting and more attractive than the myriad of other options available on a college campus on any given night of the week! Your marketing plan must be well thought out before you order that first poster.
Remember - one thing at a time!

1. Target your potential audience.

2. Identify all the media that you think would be valuable to make use of in getting the word out.

3. Determine a schedule and assign specific tasks.

4. Make sure your supporters are well publicized in your materials.

5. Stay on schedule.

6. Keep careful records of all publicity ordered.