Getting People
Out to Your Events

Sure, it’s great to put up flyers and the occasional banner advertising an event, but it takes a little better strategy to really get the people out! Here are a few ideas taken from the BACCHUS and GAMMA flyer, “20 Ways to Get People Out to Your Events.” This flyer is available by calling (303) 871-0901.

1. Send personal invitations to people using campus mail or e-mail. Target important groups and individuals who you want to attend. If you have time, you should follow up with a phone call. Maybe ask these VlPs to perform some task at the event, like being Master of Ceremonies, or helping out at an information table.

2. Make personal presentations at group meetings and ask for support. This works great at fraternities and sororities, RA staff meetings, student government meetings, and so forth. This also gives people a chance to ask questions. Make sure the people making these meeting announcements are dynamic and well-spoken. It also helps to bring give-aways to these meetings, like buttons, keychains, magnets, and so forth.

3. Ask the local pizza or sub delivery shop to act as a sponsor and place your event advertising with some healthy messages on it taped to each delivery box that goes out during NCAAW.

4. Ask professors to give extra credit to students who attend events. Two extra points on a midterm could certainly bring some hungry students out to hear a speaker!

5. Give incentives and rewards to those committee members who can bring five friends to any event! Do the same for RA’s, fraternity pledge educators, and so on.

6. See if RA’s can get programming credits for bringing their floor members to one of your events.

7. Use table tents in campus dining areas to advertise your events. Be sure to get the proper approval first, however!

8. Always have a specific campus group as the headline sponsor of a particular event. That always helps to boost attendance. Make sure their membership has a lot to do at the event as well!

9. Go into classrooms and write a little promotional statement on the corner of the blackboards. Students will read these while they are waiting for classes to begin. It helps if you put a little note that says, “Please don’t erase this until (date). Thanks!”

10. Invite a radio station to do a live remote from one of your events. It helps if they are giving away CD’s or other freebies. As the event goes on, people will hear about it on the radio and will come out to take part.