The news media have needs and goals, just as we do.
Meet their needs and goals -
work with them to create a compelling story -
and they will work with you.

When you distribute press releases, in addition to including a copy of the Five Recommendations you can enhance your package with:

  1. Black-and-white photos or color slides of activities from previous NCAAW events on your campus.
  2. Video of the same (for television media).
  3. A one-page fact sheet summarizing the NCAAW events/programs you will implement this year.
  4. Follow-up calls to campus and city desk reporters.

Don’t assume that editors will pay attention to your press release. They can receive hundreds of these a week, depending on the size of the paper. A follow-up call helps you make sure that your information stands out from the crowd.

The follow-up call also gives you a chance to:

  • Invite representatives from media organizations to attend some of your events, to see first-hand the efforts you are undertaking.