Additionally, your local alcoholic beverage distributors may have resources to help with planning and education for NCAAW and NCHWW. You may contact the following corporate offices for additional information about the specific programs listed and for a listing of the participating distributor nearest you.

Anheuser-Busch Companies
Consumer Awareness & Education,
One Busch Place,
St. Louis, MO 63118
PH: 314-577-9784
FAX: 314-577-3194

This umbrella effort offers several programs to help those hosting parties or those who operate on-campus pubs to better identify those who are of legal drinking age. Included are a booklet with photographs of valid driver’s licenses of all 50 states and Canada; suggestions to spot fake IDs; posters; legal age calendars; and plastic wristbands for those who show valid ID.

This program, supported by posters and materials, encourages students to watch out for one another and to demonstrate personal responsibility and respect for the law.

This competition awards $20,000 in scholarship money to undergraduates for the best poster concepts for promoting personal responsibility and respect for the law among college students. The competition runs each Fall.

Barbara Babb, a former critical care flight care nurse from St. Louis, delivers a factual and impactful presentation to college students about the consequences of underage drinking and drunk driving. Babb’s presentation is available by special appearance and videotape.

Bob Anastas, former executive director and founder of Students Against Drunk Driving, delivers a powerful presentation about “lifeskills” and making responsible decisions in life. Appearances are scheduled through local distributors and subject to availability.

A program designed for highway rest stops during spring break times and big game weekends to give student motorists a break from driving and some refreshments, as well as information about alcohol awareness. Pit stops are also effective on-campus kickoff events for these vacations and events.

Designated driver programs are effective ways to avoid drunk driving situations. Anheuser-Busch uses two - “O’Doul’s” and “I’m Driving.” Both can be part of campus parties or at campus pubs. Students (21 and older) typically receive free non-alcoholic beverages or discounts on food from an establishment in exchange for their being named the designated driver in a group and refraining from drinking on that occasion.

This popular video production uses celebrities and alcohol authorities to discuss the consumption and abuse of alcoholic beverages, and a quiz for viewers on their knowledge about the effects of alcohol through a Q & A format. The tape is available from participating Anheuser-Busch distributors.

Coors Brewing Company
Alcohol Programs and Policies,
311 10th Street,
Department NH-250,
Golden, CO 80401
PH: 303-277-5114
FAX: 303-277-5723

Alcohol, Drunk Driving, and You promotes safe and responsible driving among teenagers. The ADDY video, “Driving Drunk: Your Choice?” uses four real-life situations in which someone made the decision to drive drunk to focus on the long-term effects of those decisions.

Consumer materials, including designated driver stickers, and “We ID” buttons and stickers are available from local distributors. Also available are “Winners Drink Safely geared toward sports fans.

In partnership with the IATF, Coors awards scholarships to 10 exemplary, year-long campus alcohol education programs. NASCC: The National Association of Service and Conservation Corps is a membership organization that promotes youth corps programs throughout the country. A major emphasis of Corps programming is on becoming better educated about life skills such as budgeting, parenting, personal health, and well-being.

Youth Service America’s mission is to build an ethic of service in America by providing every young person with the opportunity to give back to his/her country through service. These programs provide young people with opportunities to begin a lifelong commitment to community improvement and civic participation.

Miller Brewing Company
Industry Issues,
3939 West Highland Boulevard,
Milwaukee, WI 53201

Live Responsibly is more than a tagline for Miller Brewing Company. For the company, our employees and distributors, Live Responsibly means we are committed to doing our part to help reduce drunk driving, prevent underage access and promote responsible decision-making. As part of our efforts, we work with a broad range of partners, from law enforcement to community groups, on responsibility initiatives. We have created a number of resources to promote and further define Live Responsibly.

The Campus Resource Kit is designed to help address student alcohol consumption issues on campus. The kit contains tools and resources to aid college administrators and student leaders in their efforts to encourage responsibility and prevent underage access at campus and community events.

To further our efforts to prevent underage access, we partner with the Fraternal Order of Police to produce the annual Driver License Booklet. The booklet suggests tips for checking the validity of IDs and provides examples of accurate license formats for all 50 states and the Canadian provinces.

We I.D. signage alerts patrons that identification will be required for the purchase of alcohol beverages. It makes clear that Miller Brewing Company, our distributors and retailers are united; we are serious in our efforts to help prevent underage access.

Another program, Keys to Responsibility, was developed to help retailers, wholesalers, community groups, colleges and universities, and others promote transportation alternatives and responsible decision-making by legal drinking age consumers. The guide includes tools needed to develop and implement a successful community-based designated driver or safe ride home program to help prevent drunk driving.

Finally, we offer Celebrate Responsibly, a guide designed to help event planners organize safe special events. The kit contains many elements helpful to planning safe community, business and commercial events, regardless of size or scale.

For more information, including downloadable versions of many of Miller Brewing Company's Live Responsibly resources, please visit