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National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week

Recipes for Success

College student drinking behavior impacts the work of every student affairs professional, and it is at the core of many of the health and safety issues on the campus. This site section is designed to support college and university staff, faculty, and students seeking to create awareness and education on alcohol abuse and related issues so that the best living and learning atmosphere can exist to support academic pursuits and personal achievements. It is the mission of the task force to inspire students to review their lifestyles and make informed healthy decisions regarding substance abuse.

Table of Contents

Letter from the Chairperson
Making NCAAW One Entree on Your Menu
Brainstorming a Theme
Recruiting Key Players
Collaborating With Others

Campus Activities
Campus Judicial Offices
Athletes and Recreational Sports
Fraternities and Sororities
Residence Life
Campus Police and Safety
Chief Student Affairs Officers
Health Education and Counseling

Enlisting Support to Keep Our Campuses Safe

For Parents
For Students
For Colleges

Programming for an Unforgettable NCAAW
Brainstorm Ideas and Titles for Programs
Know Your Local Resources
Program Ideas
Five Recommendations for Campus Alcohol Abuse Prevention
Marketing NCAAW: Making Sure Your Recipes are Sought After
Attracting an Audience
Working With the Media

Public Service Announcements
Editorial Letter
Sample Press Release
Enhancing Your Media Package

Funding Your NCAAW Without Clipping Coupons
Year-Round Programming: What to do for the Year
Resource List: Places to Turn for Assistance

Beverage Alcohol Distributors

Applying for Recognition & Awards

Award Criteria
Judging Criteria

Highlights of 1999 Awards
History of IATF and NCAAW

For years, university educators have been grappling with collegiate alcohol abuse in a variety of ways. The dilemma -- respecting the adult sensibilities and independence of young people while honoring the law and the institution's "duty to care" -- has become evermore difficult to solve. The demographics alone are daunting: Some 15 million students now attend more than 3500 institutions. How to best deal with the complex issues, responsibilities, and liabilities, how to be an instrument for change in the prevailing collegiate environment, is the challenge facing all university people.

What Can You Do?
Report from the National Symposium on Alcohol Practices sponsored by the Inter-Association Task Force on Alcohol and Other Substance Abuse Issues

is traditionally held the third full week of October.

For next year, mark your calendars for
October 15-21, 2000

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