Ways that Parents, Students, and the Campus Can Promote Year-Round Prevention Efforts...

Our campus, our community, our families, all share in the concern for the safety and welfare of our students. All of these groups need to be partners in preventing college drinking tragedies. We urge parents and families to consider the role of alcohol before packing the car to head off to college. There are many resources available through the local campus, community agencies, and national organizations. There are many things that college students, parents, and college officials can do to prevent the harm that alcohol abuse can cause students and the campus community.

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Colleges and universities should enlist the direct support of their president, who can write persuasively and effectively to the parents of incoming students and to the faculty stating the behavioral standards - setting the tone for community life - at the school.

Faculty must be cognizant of being on the "front-line." They are close to the students, influential, and intelligent observers. A student who needs help, through university or community resources, may be most obvious to a faculty member first. On a personal level, students need to hear that they are responsible as individuals, that they must know their own limit and consider their family history and genetic and physical makeup in determining whether and how much to drink. Teaching them how to handle acute intoxication of a classmate or friend should also be on the agenda. Students need to be free from the second-hand effects of the irresponsible and dangerous behaviors of others: violence, sexual harassment and assault, unwanted sexual encounters, impaired driving, and sleep problems.

What Can You Do?
Report from the National Symposium on Alcohol Practices sponsored by the Inter-Association Task Force on Alcohol and Other Substance Abuse Issues