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It helps to know “what’s already out there.” It’s not always necessary to start our programming schedule from scratch. Often we feel like we have to be the expert on every topic we want to include in our alcohol awareness week program. Of course, we cannot be experts on so many issues! You may want to make a chart like the one listed below to help you find what resources and speakers are already out there.
Issue Poster/Pamphlet/Video Speaker
High Risk Drinking    
Personal Safety    
Impaired Driving    
Legal Liability    
Alcohol and the Athlete    

We have just listed a few, but you can probably come up with 40-50 issues that have to do with student health or student leadership. Find out what your health center has, what your counseling center has, etc., in terms of available posters, pamphlets and videos. Who on campus can speak on these topics? What about in the community? Are there other special observances going on during this time? If there is an October arts festival of some sort in your town or city, maybe you could sponsor a booth, for example. If you have Homecoming in October, is there some way to tie into that activity? Remember that NCAAW does not have to exist in a vacuum or stand completely independent from all other campus activities. It should be a part of your comprehensive prevention program.

2002 Writing Contest Winners
     1st Place: Alice Huang, Columbia University, for “Grassroot Changes”
     2nd Place: Jennifer Nagy, Unity College, for “Gentle Guidance: Create a Legacy of Postiive Behavior”
     Laura Fisher, Fort Hays State University, for “Magic Marker, Permanent Mark”

You can read these winning essays here.

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