2009 Fall Observance of National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week

It is important to recognize that most students choose not to drink irresponsibly, and those who drink to excess put themselves at high-risk for negative consequences. This campaign empowers students to practice smart, planned-in-advance, decision-making about social situations involving alcohol. Using a theme inspired by the self-determination and empowerment of this generation of college students, this NCAAW Campaign encourages students to make choices to stay safe in social situations where alcohol may be present.

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See Table of Contents below.

2009 Manual Table of Contents

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  1. Introduction to the 2009 NCAAW iChoose Campaign
  2. Role of Peer Education in Prevention
    How to Use this Manual with Peer Educators
  3. Alcohol Information and Education
    How Alcohol Affects Us
    Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Levels
  4. Current Alcohol Statistics and Reports
         National College Health Assessment
         Core Alcohol and Drug Survey
         National Survey on Drug Use and Health
    Alcohol Abuse and Academics
    Alcohol and Sexual Decision-Making
    Alcohol and Nutrition
  5. Impaired Driving Prevention
    Alcohol’s Impact on Driving Behaviors
    Keeping Yourself and Your Friends Safe
  6. Health Promotion and Prevention Theories and Models
    Current Thinking on Alcohol Abuse Prevention
    NIAAA Call to Action
    Experiences in Effective Prevention: Model Programs
    Promising Practices
    Approaches to Prevention and Intervention
         Stages of Change
         Harm Reduction
         Motivational Interviewing
         Environmental Management
         Screening and Brief Intervention for College Students
         Social Norms
         NHTSA Uniform Guidelines
  7. Planning and Collaboration
    High-Risk Times for College Campuses
    Identifying Stakeholders and Creating Partnerships
    Marketing Your NCAAW
    Evaluating and Reporting on Your Efforts
  8. Programming for NCAAW
    Making NCAAW Unique
    Program Planning Worksheet
    Task Worksheet
    Sample Programs
  9. Alcohol Abuse and Impaired Driving Prevention Resources


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