Top 10 Language Schools in Alicante for Learning Spanish

When embarking on your journey to study in Spain, having a command of the Spanish language can significantly enrich your experience. Even if the primary language of instruction is English, a foundational understanding of Spanish facilitates better interaction with locals and a deeper immersion into the culture. (Read the full article on

Top 10 Language Schools in Alicante city for learning Spanish

Is Learning Spanish in Three Months Feasible?

While acquiring basic Spanish skills within three months is achievable, reaching proficiency across various settings requires a more extended commitment. An intensive Spanish course covering A1-C2 levels typically spans 15 months (or 62 weeks).

Top Spanish Language Schools in Alicante for 2023

Vive La Ñ:

    • Location: Between Alicante and Benidorm.
    • Highlights: Well-equipped classrooms, cinema, theater, social rooms, sports center, innovative real-life learning approach.

HLI (Home Language International):

    • Approach: Immersive homestay programs.
    • Unique Offering: One-to-one tuition, real-life interactions, and exchanges with qualified teachers.

Don Quijote:

    • Location: Paseo de la Explanada, Alicante.
    • Flexibility: Tailored language classes to individual needs.

Colegio Internacional Alicante:

    • Location: Central Alicante.
    • Activities: After-class visits to local attractions, salsa classes, Spanish film screenings.


    • Location: Modern and convenient.
    • Reputation: Premium-quality teaching, meeting learning standards.

Elcano School:

    • Location: Central Alicante.
    • Variety: Offers a range of Spanish courses based on individual needs.

Proyecto Espanol:

    • Location: Central Alicante.
    • Experience: Opportunity to meet people from around the world, attend social events.

Estudio Sampere:

    • Organization: Professional classes equipped with the latest teaching methodology.

Iberean Camps:

    • Location: Close walking distance from residential areas.
    • Amenities: Air-conditioned classrooms, Wi-Fi, multimedia technology.

International Summer Camp Spain:

    • Audience: Students aged 13 to 18.
    • Experience: Learn Spanish, make friends, and enjoy sports in the heart of Alicante.

With a myriad of language courses available in Alicante, you can choose between regular and intensive Spanish classes. Intensive courses typically involve an average of 20 hours per week. Explore these options to enhance your Spanish language skills. For additional information on programs, transportation, accommodation, or excursions, feel free to contact us via email or WhatsApp.