Developing a prize-winning NCAAW and year-round prevention program ... On behalf of the Inter-Association Task Force on Alcohol and Other Substance Abuse Issues, let me welcome you to another National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week! This year will certainly be the biggest and best yet as more than 3,000 colleges and universities in North America jointly recognize the importance of campus prevention efforts.

You have received this manual and year-round programming calendar because you, as a campus professional, are in a position to make NCAAW a success on your campus! Now is the time to be creative and cook up something spectacular for your prevention efforts. And as you will see in reviewing the materials in this manual, one key ingredient for success is involving many different groups in planning educational efforts. The Task Force has recognized you as a leader in the fight for healthy choices among our students. You have the ability to plan the perfect menu of programs and campaigns that will support student learning and positive action to keep our campuses safe.

Each year, we produce these resources in hopes that they will spark new and worthwhile ideas for your campus alcohol abuse prevention efforts. National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week is a very timely observance because it brings attention to important campus issues early in the academic year. But, it's crucial to understand that prevention is not a "one-week activity." The healthy choices your students make (or don't make) can be largely impacted by your commitment to year-round efforts.

In recognition of your outstanding year-long efforts, the Task Force awards cash prizes to outstanding campuses whose alcohol abuse prevention programming shows special innovation and effectiveness. You'll find application information at the end of this manual, and I hope you'll consider applying. No matter how large or small your school, no matter how large or small your budget, your efforts are important and deserve recognition!

As you use these resources to assist you in the planning of your programming, your marketing, your public relations, and your evaluation, we hope that you will realize that only you can know what will work best on your campus. You will find some strategies developed by the Task Force that may serve to strengthen your efforts as you collaborate with many segments of the campus to send clear and consistent messages about alcohol abuse and student drinking behaviors.

The 21 higher-education organizations that make up the Task Force are dedicated to making our campuses safer and more enjoyable for everyone. From campus security, to fraternities and sororities, to athletics, to residence halls and peer education programs, we all have a vested interest in making National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week a memorable event in 1999.

Dr. Edward Hammond, President
Fort Hays State University
NCAAW Chairperson