Make Your NCAAW a Blue-Ribbon Winner!

With the evaluation of NCAAW done, it is time to sit back and relax - right? Wrong! If you and your NCAAW or NCHWW committees went to all of the trouble and work to develop a comprehensive set of activities for National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week and National Collegiate Health and Wellness Week, you deserve a chance for some national recognition.

Each year the Task Force sponsors an awards program for those schools participating in NCAAW as part of their year round alcohol and drug abuse prevention efforts. This competition includes not only national recognition, but cash awards as well. The best part of the deal is that if you follow the steps in this manual, much of your work is already done.

As a follow-up to your evaluation efforts, create a written report that outlines all activities and documents that were accomplished throughout the academic year. Compiled in a three-ring notebook form, this will be an extremely valuable tool for planning NCAAW the following year. Be sure to include samples of artwork, promotional materials, committee minutes and evaluation summaries. Develop sections that cover the major steps. This way not only have you created a permanent record of your efforts, but you can easily show off your efforts to administrators, potential funders and as a recruitment tool for future committee members.

The next step is to take this information and apply for recognition.