NCAAW 2000 - Building Bridges

For years, university educators have been grappling with collegiate alcohol abuse in a variety of ways. The dilemma - respecting the adult sensibilities and independence of young people while honoring the law and the institution's "duty to care" - has become evermore difficult to solve. The demographics alone are daunting: Some 15 million students now attend more than 3500 institutions. How to best deal with the complex issues, responsibilities, and liabilities, how to be an instrument for change in the prevailing collegiate environment, is the challenge facing all university people.

What Can You Do?
Report from the National Symposium on Alcohol Practices
sponsored by the
Inter-Association Task Force on Alcohol and Other Substance Abuse Issues

College student drinking behavior impacts the work of every student affairs professional,and it is at the core of many of the health and safety issues on campus.This publication is designed to support college and university staff,faculty,and students seeking to create awareness and education on alcohol abuse and related issues so that the best living and learning atmosphere can exist to support academic pursuits and personal achievements.It is the mission of the task force to inspire students to review their lifestyles and make informed healthy decisions regarding substance abuse.

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